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 Federal Tax Credit 30% (until 2032)

Retro-Fit (switching from fossil fuel to geothermal existing home projects) Rebates via the Energize Connecticut Program

Financing with the Connecticut Green Bank

CT-Energize Loan (Up to $15,000 for .99%)



Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Government offers a strong incentive to incorporate geothermal into your new or existing residential green energy plan.


Until 2032 geothermal installs qualify for a 30 % federal tax credit

King Energy will work with you and provide to you the certificate necessary for you to submit.

For further information check out our blog post here: The Federal Tax Credit

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Retro-Fit Rebates

The CT Energize Program offers rebates based on heat pump tonnage for those switching their fossil fuel energy system to a geothermal system. Beginning January 1, 2023 the rebate is $2,000 per ton. 


As part of our service to you, King Energy will guide you through the process and the completion of the form to ensure it is fill-out correctly. 

Find out more here

Once your system is installed, it is important that we complete the form first.  We'll then send it to you to mail so the rebate is delivered directly to your address.

Connecticut Green Bank-Low-Interest Financing

King Energy has been recognized as a Top Performer with the CT Green Bank when it comes to helping our customers get financing with the CT Green Bank.

Don't get stuck on long high interest rate loans with crazy terms- work with King Energy, LLC and the Connecticut Green Bank to explore .99% interest loans for up to to $15,000 and loans for up to $40,000 offering 5, 7, 10 and 12 year loan options starting at 4.49%

Learn More

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Video: Hear from homeowners, Dan and Sara form Redding, CT. 
They used a Hydron Module 4 ton heat pump combined it with solar to save thousands on their annual energy bills.
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