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Federal Tax Credit 30% (until 2032)

Retro-Fit (switching from fossil fuel to geothermal existing home projects) Rebates via the Energize Connecticut Program

Financing with the Connecticut Green Bank

CT-Energize Loan (Up to $15,000 for .99%)


Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Government offers a strong incentive to incorporate geothermal into your new or existing residential green energy plan.


Until 2032 geothermal installs qualify for a 30 % federal tax credit

King Energy will work with you and provide to you the certificate necessary for you to submit.

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Retro-Fit Rebates

The CT Energize Program offers rebates based on heat pump tonnage for those switching their fossil fuel energy system to a geothermal system. Beginning January 1, 2023 the rebate is $2,000 per ton. (capped at $15K)


As part of our service to you, King Energy will guide you through the process and the completion of the form to ensure it is fill-out correctly.   The online submission makes it easy to claim your rebate.

Find out more here

Connecticut Green Bank-Low-Interest Financing

King Energy has been recognized as a Top Performer with the CT Green Bank when it comes to helping our customers get financing with the CT Green Bank.

Visit the Connecticut Green Bank to explore .99% interest loans for up to to $15,000 and loans for up to $50,000 (special permission up to $75K)  offering 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 20 year loan options starting at 5.99%

Learn More

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Video: Hear from homeowners, Dan and Sara form Redding, CT. 
They used a Hydron Module 4 ton heat pump combined it with solar to save thousands on their annual energy bills.
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