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Not all geothermal heat pumps are created equally

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Just like "not all homes are created equally" there can be a despairingly large difference between heat pump quality.  King Energy has the experience to back up our heat pumps.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

King Energy uses the best industry leading heat pumps -Hydron Module heat pumps -supplied by the company Enertech which brings energy and technology together.

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Revolution2 YT | Multi-Position Vertical
Our most popular model, the Hydron Module has utilized the most advanced geothermal technology, resulting in a heat pump that is superbly efficient, exceptionally reliable, and so quiet you may not even realize it’s running. 
This system utilizes innovative internal components to help maximize unit efficiency. An all-aluminum microchannel air coil, ECM blower motor, and foam enclosed air coil work together to achieve superior performance and operational cost savings.
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Origin VS/VT | Compact Vertical Packaged
The Hydron Module Residential Series Compact, Vertical Packaged (VS/VT) heat pumps are a fit for applications that require ducted, forced air heating and cooling. These units fit well in small places.
These models are ideal HVAC systems for small to large homes, net-zero homes, outbuildings, and more.
Hydrone Revolution pic.PNG
Hydrone M Crawl space model.png
Origin ZS/ZT | Compact Horizontal Packaged
The Hydron Module Residential Series Compact Horizontal Packaged (ZS/ZT) heat pumps are small and versatile, fitting between standard 24" trussing. The small size of these heat pumps make them perfect for replacing older water-source heat pumps.  Ideal for low-head-room areas and can be hung from floor joists or placed on a pedestal. 
Hydron Revl 2 Split system.png
Revolution2 BS/BT | Indoor Split

The BS/BT heat pumps can be used for heating and cooling in small to large homes, storage buildings, agricultural facilities, and more.  Activates an air handler remotely and works well for difficult to reach areas.


King Energy is an industry leader in Connecticut when it comes to geothermal heat pumps.  We work with only the best.  We know our equipment and demand the highest quality with the best warranty service around.

With decades and decades of experience under our belts you can expect us to have done all the research necessary to ensure that you have the highest quality equipment in the industry. We stand by our heat pumps

HM_Best Warranty-df9450e9.png

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