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Minimal Required-DIY

Geothermal is a clean energy so there is no burning fossil fuels, gunk, grease, filth or muck to remove or clean. Changing the air filter twice a year minimum is the major part of maintenance. You can buy a box of filters online or at your local Home Improvement store. During your final walk through, King Energy will show you how easy it is to change your filters on your systems.


Their is also a condensate pump that might need cleaning out every once in awhile.   


Maintenance & Service Package

Starts at $399 additional filters $449+

You may prefer that we come out to do your maintenance, but doing-it-yourself, saves you the money.  During our maintenance visit, we will change all filters, empty the condensate pump,  check voltages, currents, in and out temperatures for air and all ground loop fluid levels.  We also can review with you any thermostat questions. This ensures your system is in top working order. Call us today to arrange your maintenance and service visit. 

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