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King Energy Recognized as Top Performer with CT Green Bank

Scot Rogers and the Team at King Energy, LLC have been recognized by the Connecticut Green Bank as one of a handful of business for being a Top Performing in 2020.

In partnership with nine participating local lenders, the Top Performers’ projects surpassed $4 million in closed Smart-E Loans. Financed projects included insulation and window upgrades, high efficiency heating and cooling solutions, rooftop solar PV, health and safety improvements, residential geothermal systems and more.

The Smart-E Loan Top Performers were chosen based on criteria including more than just closed loans. These contractors worked hard to integrate the Smart-E loan into their training and marketing, while providing high-level customer service. Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, these contractors were able to continue to increase access to clean energy solutions for homeowners.

"Scot has been instrumental as a professional in the field in assisting us in understanding how to monitor true savings when it comes to geothermal heat pumps." Commented Joe Buonannata, Manager of Residential Programs for the Connecticut Green Bank. For years consumers wonder, what will be my true savings with a geothermal system? "Scot has worked closely with the CT Green Bank in creating a systematic approach to answer that burning question. He has provided us with the expertise we needed to ensure we understand how to monitor savings from Connecticut homeowners who have a King Energy geothermal system installed.

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