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King Energy and Viv Teamed up together in 2021 to offer our valued customers the opportunity to save money on their electric bills.  You can do the same today.

Geothermal heat pumps use electricity and while we know you will no longer have an oil or gas bill, it is also no surprise that your electric usage will increase.  To get the most savings possible King Energy not only endorses the services of VIV, we are also customers of VIV services. 


Val Rogers is on the VIV Team and helps King Energy customers to gain the best supplier rate there is in Connecticut.   Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding Your Electric Bill
The majority of Connecticut consumers use Eversource as their Electric Service Provider.  Connecticut is a deregulated state when it comes to electricity rates. 
What does this mean?
It means that while Eversource will be the company to DELIVER your electricity, there are a multitude of companies that will SUPPLY the electricity to Eversource.
Viv offers a service where you can "Set it and Forget it"  Viv will do all the work and find, for you, the cheapest electric rate for a period of time.  When that time us up, they, once again, go digging, to find the best rate.  
It's that simple.
Learn More at Eversource.Com -Understanding Supply & Delivery
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Learn More
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With Viv, you'll be able to sign into your own customer portal to track your savings.

You can access specific details about your electricity supply plans.

Autopilot will keep you informed every step of the way.

Read testimonies, and see what you can expect by clicking on the two PDF's here

Autopilot Fact Sheet

Autopilot Savings & Examples

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About Viv

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VIV Logo.png
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More Than electricity

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Viv Reaches $7 Million in Customer Savings as It Closes Its Second Year of Business
Click to Read the Full Article
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